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English nursery school in Marino, Rome
Castelli Kindergarten, an international nursery school based in Marino, Rome province, is an all-English pre-school in the Castelli Romani area which follows the British curriculum and offers children of all nationalities a high level of early-years education, enabling them to access any type of international primary school.

In addition to learning the English language, the school also offers an excellent reading programme and follows the New Heinemann Maths Scheme for teaching basic mathematics.

We prepare drama productions and songs for our school performances, which take place twice yearly: the children are involved in producing the stage set and all take part in the event, either dancing or acting

The end-of-year celebration culminates with a mock “degree” ceremony (in gowns and caps), marking a milestone in the children’s education as they prepare to move to “big school”.

Our PE class, which takes place twice weekly, aims to teach the children basic skills such as teamwork, music and movement.


English language for children in Marino, Rome
The scheme of work for each class is based on the specific learning abilities of the children.

We work closely with parents to ensure that all our children’s needs are met. We are extremely flexible, unlike other schools, and parents are invited to come into class with their children and help them to settle in. 

We offer full immersion English language tuition through a range of activities based on play, music, storytelling, reading, drama, exercise and outdoor games.

Although this is the Age of Technology, as a school we believe that our children are too young to use gadgets such as iPads for learning. We prefer to involve the whole class and enrich the children’s vocabulary through eye contact, conversation etc. instead of isolating them with tablets.

We do, however, agree with parents who allow their children to use tablets with appropriate supervision. 

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