Our aims

English language school for children in Marino, Rome
At Castelli Kindergarten in Marino, Rome province, we teach children of all nationalities, enabling them to reach the level required for entrance to any international school

Our nursery school is not only geared towards English-language acquisition, but also aims to teach the children respect and to encourage friendship, generosity and kindness.

We are proud to equip the children with skills and values that they will remain with them all through their lives. We strongly promote parent-teacher contact, which encourages children to proudly share their achievements whilst enabling us to show parents how they can get the best from their children by following the right approach.

Often, because of their important position in society, parents have very little time to spend with the family. As the children spend more time with us, we become a real point of reference for them, like personal nannies.

Children always remember their first school, and each day our staff work their hardest to help create happy memories for our young learners.

How the idea of “Castelli Kindergarten” was born

Managed by the headteacher, Diana Jaworska, and staffed by teachers who are native English speakers, Castelli Kindergarten is a school which follows the British curriculum and provides full immersion in the English language. 

Before founding Castelli Kindergarten, from 1971 the headteacher, Diana Jaworska, taught at the prestigious Junior English School on the Appian Way. At that time, it was one of the few international schools available, especially for families who were obliged to travel and wanted to be able to guarantee an excellent English education for their children. Clients were often VIPs (politicians, writers, international actors, etc.) and members of the aristocracy.
Unfortunately, the parents had little time to spend with their children due to their high social standing and subsequent duties. As a result, the school and its teachers became important points of reference for the children, as did their nannies, chauffeurs, etc. with whom they would spend most of their time. 

This led to the idea of creating the “Castelli Kindergarten” nursery school, which would be open to children of all nationalities from 2 ½ to 5 years and would prepare them for entrance to any international school.

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