English nursery school in Castelli Romani
Castelli Kindergarten, an international nursery school in Marino, Rome province, is a school which follows the British curriculum.

All of our teachers are native English speakers and our school offers true “full immersion” in the English language.

Our staff are:

Headteacher: Diana Jaworska (Scottish-Polish)
- Mossgiel Primary School, Dundee Scotland (3 years)
- The Junior English school, Rome (6 years)

School manager: Lisa Date (Welsh)
- Co-founder of Jesters Nursery School (for children aged 2-5 years)
- St Mary’s School, Hornsey, London (Nursery school)

- Kendale School, Rome
- Castelli Kindergarten (10 years)

Teacher: Tina Moore (English)
- Virgo Fidelis (4 years)
- Braschi (3 years)
- Little Genius (1 year)
- Castelli Kindergarten (5 years)

The Castelli Kindergarten school structure is based on “3 Steps” of learning:

step 1 – for children aged 2 ½ to 3 years (CLASS 1)
step 2 – for children aged 3 to 4 years (CLASS 2) 
step 3 – for children aged 5 to 6 years (CLASS 3)

If your child joins Class 3 with a limited knowledge of English, they will be provided with a special programme, enabling them to reach their potential and finish school with the correct level of English required by international primary schools. 

CLASS 1 – 2 ½ to 3 years (Step 1)

At this stage the children learn English through play, song and movement.

Classroom resources and equipment are appropriate for the age group.

Planned daily activities include “carpet time”, when the children listen to music or stories, and plenty of outdoor games in the garden.

CLASS 2 – 3-4 years (Step 2)

This class has a slightly more structured programme: the children learn the alphabet and numbers in English through songs and storytelling.

In particular, the teacher will plan activities based specifically on the level of the children in the class.

This step also involves lots of fun activities and games, including outdoor play in the school gardens.

CLASS 3 – 5-6 years (Step 3)

In terms of the national school system, this class is equivalent to the first year of Italian primary education. At this stage the children are able to activate the knowledge and skills that they have acquired in the previous years. Basic mathematics, including addition and subtraction, is learnt through the New Heinemann Maths Scheme. In pre-reading, we focus strongly on learning English phonetics and consolidate with fun activities such as songs, stories and project work. In this class the children are taught to read with our special reading scheme so that they are ready for primary school. 

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